A downloadable game for Windows

Developed as part of Flower Jam 2019.

Carl and Caroline have a fun time messing about with some flowerbeds!

An infinite runner with an eye for mischief.


Developed by Loaded Games:

-Pharez Vitalis

-Lee Kempton

-Rudi Prentice

Sound Effects from freesound.org (Thanks!) none of the people listed here were part of the project in anyway and did not endorse this content. The sounds are under CC licenses (Creative commons 0 and Attribution Licenses).

Squashing salad by Cribbler

slimesquish by anechoix

Mud Splat by Breviceps

Cartoon Splay by Breviceps

Trigger Switch by Breviceps

Large Crash with Cat by Benjamin Harvey

running in grass by ETM 654

Tall Grass Hits 2 by wrothahep88


Flowerbed.zip 22 MB


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INteressting game and i really like the sprites.