A downloadable game for Windows

Part of the Games for Better Game Jam 2016

You are bacteria. Learn the attack patterns to resist the anti-biotics and survive.

RESIST/SURVIVE/INFECT is a abstract bullet-hell game based around the theme of anti-biotic resistance. You play as bad bacteria and as if you weren't getting it rough enough from the good bacteria in the body, you now have to contend with an anti-biotic onslaught. Only by learning the anti-biotics' 8 unique attack patterns can you become resistant to them and infect the body you're invading.


Lee Kempton - Programming.

Rudi Prentice - Programming.

Pharez Vitalis - Programming.

Adrian Wrzesinski - Art.

Ciarán Jai Cosway - Audio.

Music Soundcloud Links:

Generation 0 (Prologue music): https://soundcloud.com/cjaimusic/generation-0

Infection (Main game music): https://soundcloud.com/cjaimusic/infection

Change Log:

v 1.0.1 - Fixed resolution bugs and some issues with the final cutscene.

v 1.0 - Intial release.


Resist/Survive/Infect v1.0.1 18 MB


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Very challenging, well made game! I included it in a compilation video series of all of the Games for Better, if you'd like to take a look! :)

Really great video, glad you enjoyed it!